About Shoshone Propane

Throughout their long history of service, Shoshone Propane has always been community oriented. As a second-generation locally owned and operated Energy Company, Shoshone Propane understands the needs of the community where they have lived and worked for many decades. “It’s not just about making a sale but also about helping neighbors in their endeavors.”

Shoshone Propane serves Shoshone Village and the surrounding areas of California. With a substantial population increase in the nearby town of Pahrump from around 500 people in the 1970s to about 45,000 people today, much of Shoshone Propane’s service area is also in Nevada.

The base for Shoshone Propane has always been the residents of the local communities and still is today. With the expansion of the local population and businesses Shoshone Propane has diversified by adding commercial accounts such as hospitals, dairies, restaurants, mines, and farms.

Shoshone Propane takes great pride in serving their expanding customer base by providing energy services to entire towns such as Furnace Creek and Stovepipe Wells in Death Valley, along with Death Valley National Park.

Shoshone Propane has assisted their customers in developing and maintaining energy solutions by introducing new products such as tankless hot water heaters, propane generators, and fire pits.

With advances in technology, Shoshone Propane remains on the cutting edge of new solutions to the age-old problems associated with providing clean and efficient energy. It is this tradition of dedication to community, combined with a passion for the energy industry that truly makes Shoshone Propane “Your Hometown Energy Company!”